Dreaming of a Silver/White/Iridescent Christmas

You know the song ... I'm dreaming of a white Christmas ... and maybe you've been dreaming of a way to send some snow to your favorite person this holiday. Snow Globe Central is at the ready to make your favorite photos into the perfect snowy gift, with white "snow" or silver glitter or a touch of shimmering iridescent dust that floats so slowly it seems to suspend in liquid. You are in the designer's seat, choosing the arch or crop of the photo, the best combination of glitter and shapes, selecting a base that complements your overall look. There's still time to order a personal and fully custom globe in time for holiday shipping. We put our globes together entirely in the USA (Denver Colorado, where we know a thing or two about snow.) Check out all the choices at SnowGlobeCentral and make your white Christmas dream into a shimmering reality.
Snow Globe Central
November 20, 2017

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Sparklegirl's Story

I got my globe today and it's great! thanks for all the extra sparkles! I love it!

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