October 2009

Love you forever.

What is sweeter than engraving those words to illustrate a photograph of teenagers in the throes of first love?
Posted by Snow Globe Central on October 30, 2009

My Snow Globe Broke!

While there are some folks out there who are die-hard snow globe/snow dome collectors (more on them later), a very high percentage of snow globes are given as gifts. So these globes pack a double whammy - they are beloved gifts, but they also represent the ties between the gifter and the recipient.

So when a globe breaks, it can get really emotional.
Posted by Snow Globe Central on October 28, 2009

Love you, Love you not.

Got an email recently from a customer. While he loved the snow globe, he and his girlfriend had broken up.
Posted by Snow Globe Central on October 21, 2009

Our House (is a very, very fine house)

A woman wrote a while back and said she had been searching everywhere for a company that could put a particular photograph in a globe and she was so happy to have found us. The digital photograph she sent was black and white, a simple farmhouse in the snow, and the plate said "Our House."
Posted by Snow Globe Central on October 20, 2009

Advertising Snow Globe

You can't be around snow globes as much as we are and not keep an eye out for collectibles. The boss gets them as gifts and if he ever retires, he could open a museum with his collection of collectible snow globes.
Posted by Snow Globe Central on October 15, 2009

What's the Liquid in the Snow Globe?

"What's the liquid in the snow globe?" We get asked this question all the time. Let me tell you that the liquid used in our custom made snow globes is very important. In fact you really couldn't have a snow globe made by us without the liquid in the snow globe.
Posted by Snow Globe Central on October 9, 2009

Wedding Bells

A recent engagement photo was sent to us along with an order for a dozen identical snow globes. We were pretty sure it was a slip of the finger and wrote back to confirm the quantity, which we expected was either "1" or "2".
Posted by Snow Globe Central on October 7, 2009

Footprints and a Building in the Snow

So, if you haven't seen a snow globe like we make them, let me explain. We take real glass snow globes and high-end bases (faux stone, wood or polished metal) and we seal people's photographs inside them. If someone just wants a wet photo frame, they can get one of those slot-based plastic deals at a discount store and switch photos out as the mood strikes. Ours don''t work that way; we recreate the photos sent to us, reproduce them so they will hold up in the liquid, select the perfect confetti or sparkles to go with the picture and create a one-of-a-kind snow globe. To order one of our globes, you have to be committed to the images inside. Fickle people need not apply.
Posted by Snow Globe Central on October 5, 2009

Customer Feedback

John's Story

I love my snow globe! It is such a great way to show off a picture of my puppy! So bright clean and clear - The photo practically leaps out of the globe. I keep it on my desk and get compliments all day long. The quality is great. People just can’t resist giving it a quick shake to stir up a snow storm. Placing the order was fast and easy too.

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