November 2012

So Now I'm the Snow Globe Expert

Recently, several of our customers commented that it was great that the Transportation Security Administration, better known as TSA, had allowed snow globes to be tucked into carry-on luggage on planes. There was a note in the TSA guidelies that said "snow globes allowed in carry on luggage." We did a little investigating and turns out: not 100% true.
Posted by Snow Globe Central on November 27, 2012


Denver Snow Globe Maker Warns that TSA Guidelines May Create Holiday Disappointment for Snow Globe Lovers
Posted by Snow Globe Central on November 20, 2012

Customer Feedback

Ruthann's Story

Last Christmas I pulled out a globe I had had for at least 20 years. I found out that it had gotten broken somehow and was just going to toss it. My 27 year old about went nuts! Turns out the globe is his first Christmas memory and he has been trying to figure out how to get it from me for his own home. Well I put it away thinking someday I would get it fixed for him. I checked in prices a while ago, and they were so far beyond what I could or would pay, like 20 times the price of the globe originally. And no guarantee it would even be ready before Christmas. Than I found SGC...prices were so reasonable and repair and shipping super quick! You would never know it had even been hurt. The best part of all is I told my son that UPS had lost the globe in transit and I hadn\'t put any insurance on it...he is so bummed and mad at UPS!!! Lol. Can\'t wait to bring it out as his last gift!!! Thank you so much SGC!!!

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