January 2011

Question: Do you make Valentine's Day Globes?

We got this question recently, and we had a staff meeting to discuss it. Hmmmm, by a nearly unanimous vote, the answer is a resilient, YES WE DO!

(We also celebrated by ordering cheesy, deep-fried steak tacos from Old Mexico City on Larimer Street for everyone - dang, those things are good!)
Posted by Snow Globe Central on January 25, 2011

Don't be stressed with Valentine's Day pressure - our custom snow globe is a gift-giving treasure

We're less than a month away from that one special day where your sweetheart will open your gift and sa..."
wow! A custom snowglobe from snowglobecentral? How did you know that was exactly what I wanted?"
Posted by Snow Globe Central on January 18, 2011

Snow ... Err... Love is in the Air

Whether you've spent the first half of the winter in a sunny dry, climate, or found yourself at the mercy of a blizzard, there's something in the air, and it's not just snow.
Posted by Snow Globe Central on January 3, 2011

Customer Feedback

Monique's Story

Wow! I am truly honored! Thank you very much for selecting my design for your website. This motivates me to create more snowglobes to give as gifts for family and friends! By the way, I am extremely pleased with the quality of your product! It was the first snowglobe that I ever designed (or ordered) online and it turned out more beautiful than I expected! I also appreciate the care and professionalism that is used in the packaging - both the delivery and the gift box. Thank you very much for making my day! I can't wait to get started on my next design.

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