January 2011

Question: Do you make Valentine's Day Globes?

We got this question recently, and we had a staff meeting to discuss it. Hmmmm, by a nearly unanimous vote, the answer is a resilient, YES WE DO!

(We also celebrated by ordering cheesy, deep-fried steak tacos from Old Mexico City on Larimer Street for everyone - dang, those things are good!)
Posted by Snow Globe Central on January 25, 2011

Don't be stressed with Valentine's Day pressure - our custom snow globe is a gift-giving treasure

We're less than a month away from that one special day where your sweetheart will open your gift and sa..."
wow! A custom snowglobe from snowglobecentral? How did you know that was exactly what I wanted?"
Posted by Snow Globe Central on January 18, 2011

Snow ... Err... Love is in the Air

Whether you've spent the first half of the winter in a sunny dry, climate, or found yourself at the mercy of a blizzard, there's something in the air, and it's not just snow.
Posted by Snow Globe Central on January 3, 2011

Customer Feedback

Brenda's Story

It's here! I love it! Thanks for the recommendation to arch the top of the photos. They look great. I can't wait to see when my friend opens this on her birthday.

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