Help Selecting the Right Photo Crop Style

Sample Full-Frame Photo
Personal Photo Snow Globe - Rectangular Crop
Rectangular Crop
Personal Photo Snow Globe - Arch Crop
Arch Crop
Custom Personal Snow Globes - Ellipse Crop
Ellipse Crop
Custom Personal Snow Globes - Corner Crop
Corner Crop


Starting photo

Arch Crop Photo

Ellipse Crop Photo

Corner Crop Photo

The Arch Crop will cut into the heads and take away from a quality personalized custom snow globe.

The Ellipse Crop will not cut into the heads making a strong composition and great personalized custom snow globe.

The Corner Crop will not cut into the heads but will soften the photo corners in a custom snow globe.


Example of provided horizontal and vertical photos requesting full frame

Side One: photo one is shown in full frame.

Side Two: photo two is shown in full frame and centered in the snow globe.


If you are using two different photos, the custom snow globe visually will work best if if the photos are both horizontal or vertical.

The photo(s) that are provided to us are reproduced exactly as provide. We cannot improve photo quality.

Photo(s) that you have received from a professional photographer for proofing only are typically very pixelated(jagged image) to protect their interests which we honor.

If these photo(s) are provided, that quality will be magnified when placed in a snow globe.

  • Be sure you own the photo - we cannot reproduce copyrighted photos without permission of the copyright owner.
  • Be sure the photo is crisp, sharp and not too crowded. Your photo will be seen from both sides in the snow globe.
  • If you wish, crop the photo before sending electronically, it can be in a rectangle, (horizontal or vertical), or a square. We will center the image in the globe. Use the comments section on the order form to give us any special instructions about which part of a photo should be featured. (See example below.)
  • If you would like us to crop the photo for you, please include instructions in comment section at check out so we know which part of the photo you would like featured in your custom snow globe.
  • Photos can be left straight across top of photo (rectangle or square), or can be designed with a circular arch to frame the photo. Please consider whether the shape of your photo will work best with the standard "straight" edge or curved edge as shown.
  • We will reproduce all photos fullframe unless a rectangular, ellipse or arch crop is requested. Read the FAQs.
  • Send a high quality scan or digital photo in .jpg or .tiff format.
  • Photo file size cannot exceed 30 megabytes.

** You can crop the photo and send it to us electronically, or send a full frame digital photo with instructions on cropping. We will reduce the size as needed to fit in the globe. The proportional width of the photo dictates the size that can be secured inside the globe.