Snow Globe FAQs


How do you handle shipping to Alaska & Hawaii?

Two-day shipping charges apply.

Can you ship to PO Boxes?

We cannot ship to PO Boxes.

Do you ship to Canada?

Shipping to Canada is $89.50. This charge covers UPS shipping charge, Import tax, Brokerage fee and miscellaneous government fees.

Do you ship overseas?

Yes, we do. We are able to ship overseas and shipping method is by UPS or FEDEX International. We do not ship by Parcel Post.

The shipping rate of a custom snow globe internationally is estimated at $266.25 which include tax and duty but not the custom snow globe cost.

Snow Globe Manufacturing

How long will it take to get my custom snow globe made?

Typically, after we receive your order, digital image and payment, we can ship in 5 working days.

The shipping time will depend on where you are located. (Estimate 3-5 working days for the globe to arrive AFTER it has shipped.) So from receipt of your order and payment, anticipate a minimum of 10-14 days before your globe arrives at its destination.

We do get busier before holidays, including Father's Day and Mother's Day, so if you need a globe for a specific date, please contact us and we'll see if we can meet your expectations. All snow globes are hand made and all sales are final. Rush service is available.

What are your custom snow globe bases made of? Many of the bases shown are called "cast" marble or synthetic stone. Just what is that?

Snow Globe Central uses three kinds of materials to create our custom snowglobe bases: natural wood, fabricated (cast) stone and polished aluminum (for an additional charge.) "Cast" stone means that natural materials are fabricated and molded into a base that replicates real marble, onyx and travertine finishes, however, it is not a quarried natural stone. Because each base is made individually, the "cast" stone bases demonstrate the same differences one would find in real stone, with unique color variations, swirls and contrasts. This is not a lightweight, plastic finish; cast marble mimics both the texture and weight of natural stone. Click here to see all base options.

Where are your snow globes made?

All Snow Globe Central custom snow globes and water balls are made in the USA from domestic and imported components. Should the globe break, our liquid is non-toxic to humans and pets.

Music in snow globes?

Snow Globe Central does NOT offer music in the custom snow globes we produce.

What is the size of a Snow Globe Central snow globe?

The glass globe is 4 inches round.

The height of a custom snow globe on the cast base or silver or gold base is 5 1/2 inches. The weight of the custom snow globe is approximately 2 pounds.

The height of custom snow globe on the walnut base is 5 inches. The weight of these custom snow globes are approximately 1.75 pounds.


I need corrections to my photo - can you help? Will Snow Globe Central "fix" my photo if there are problems such as "red eye" from flash or dark areas I need lightening, before you make my custom snow globe?

We can crop a photo (remove part of the image from either side, top or bottom) to your specifications, but we do not correct other photo problems. Please visit a photo lab, or digital photo kiosk and ask them to help you make your photo "picture perfect" before sending.

What picture formats do you accept for custom snow globes? What can I do if I don't have a digital camera? Can I use a black and white photo in a custom water globe?

a) I don't have a digital camera. Can I mail my photo to you? -or- b) The photo I want to use is very old and was taken before anyone had even thought of digital cameras - can I still have a custom globe made with this photo?

You can take any photo and scan it in to make it a digital file that can be emailed to us. This ensures that the original photo stays safely with you and we can work with the digital image you send. Use the sharpest resolution that your scanner allows.

Don't have a scanner? Many camera stores, office supply stores and copy centers offer a low-cost service to scan photos into a digital format. Call ahead and see if they require you to bring a disk or blank CD-Rom with you or if that is provided with the service. Some will email the photo to your account. We recommend scanning into a jpeg file at least 300 dpi. (See "photos" page for more detail on types of photos that work best in our globes.)

Note: Your photo can be different on front and back of the snow globe.

What type of digital image works best? Which photo or image formats work best in snow globes? What size should it be?

We prefer files that are saved as JPEGs (will have a .jpg or .jpeg extension at end of file) or TIFF files (will have .tiff as the extension.)

TIFFs can be edited and saved without losing compression, meaning the quality stays high. If you want to reproduce an old photo, you'll find TIFFs provide a high quality of detail. In general, TIFFS are larger files than jpegs and may have more detail, however, since your photo image must be reduced to approximately 2 inches wide to be secured in the custom snow globe, either format will work well.

Other formats may result in a loss of color information.

We will size the photo when we receive it to make it fit inside the globe. You may send a large file, if you wish. To imagine how your photo will look reduced inside a globe, you can practice by sizing to a maximum of 3" in any direction. If the image is hard to read at that size, it may not be perfect for a snow globe project. However, you may send us the unsized photo for maximum definition.

Please send your photo at least at 300 dpi resolution. A higher resolution will work even better, but 300 will provide adequate detail.

Photo file size cannot exceed 30 megabytes.

Everyone's an artist...I don't want a photo in the globe, I want to use original artwork instead. Can I do that? What do I need to do to have the image of my original painting, drawing, diploma or love note sealed in a custom snow globe?

If you can scan the artwork (and you are the copyright owner), you can have it made into a custom snow globe at Snow Globe Central.

It does not have to be a photo. Obviously, for copyright reasons, we cannot reproduce artwork that you do not own.

Scan the artwork, save as a .jpg and email to us with your order form and instructions.

We can create a unique snowglobe for you.

I have a favorite cartoon I pulled out of a magazine. May I submit that to be sealed inside a custom snow globe?

Sorry, if you do not have copyright permission to use any image, photo or drawing,we cannot reproduce that in a globe. By submitting artwork or a photo to us, you are stating that you are the copyright owner of the work. However, if we receive artwork or photos that appear to be copyrighted, we will be unable to complete the work without approval from the copyright owner.

I have some, well, compromising photos from my best friend's bachelor party and I was wondering ...

No. If we find any photo or artwork offensive or inappropriate, we will cancel your order. The artisans of Snow Globe Central reserve the right to deny any photo or artwork for any reason, without explanation.

Can I switch the photo myself after you make the globe?

No, this is not a "slot-based" liquid snow dome. The photo or artwork you provide will be replicated and sealed inside a glass snow globe permanently. The base and globe are glued together once the interior design is complete and cannot be separated.


Are snow globes fragile? Will it break if dropped? What happens if I break my snow globe? Can it be fixed?

Accidents do happen, and glass is by its nature, very breakable. If you drop your globe, save all pieces except glass shards (discard broken glass carefully) and contact us. (Specifically save the base and the photo assembly.) We can often replace the glass, liquid and confetti or snow and rebuild the globe for a small charge which will be quoted to you at that time.

If the base breaks as well, contact us and we can quote you a replacement cost for current base designs.

I broke a favorite snow globe – but it's not one made by Snow Globe Central. Will you still fix it for me? What do I need to do to have my broken snow globe repaired? Can you replace just the glass globe in a snow globe?

Please email us with as much information as possible on your damaged snow globe. We are experts in snow globe repair, and we can fix many snow globes, depending on the size of glass globe that is needed. Sorry, we cannot repair broken snow domes made of plastic. Learn more about snow globe repair.

Special Order Types

Business Sales

We welcome business inquires whether it is for building meaningful relationships or celebrating special occasions. It could be you are looking for a fresh motivational or recognition award that is lasting and unique do not hesitate to ask. Contact Snow Globe Central now.

Rush Service

Rush service is available at 20% of your custom snow globe purchase price (excluding shipping). Production will be 5 business days (M-F) from the day after the order is received.