Anniversary Snow Globe

Through thick and thin, richer and poorer, lost keys and missed flights, kisses and make-ups; they have been together through it all. And to acknowledge a milestone anniversary, you want to make a special gesture.

A custom one-of-a-kind personal Snow Globe from Snow Globe Central is just the ticket; including two photos front and back, with where it all began and touching on how far they've come: today. You can choose the Snow Globe custom base color and type from our selection of twelve different faux stone types, finished wood or even real chrome or gold-plated for the special couple who deserves an outstanding memory.
We engrave the base plate (one or two, your choice) to share your sentiment, one or two photos (your choice) and let you choose the type of floating dust, sparkles orconfetti to make your message truly unique. Their love is inforgettable, your gift should be as special as their history together.
Custom anniversary Snow Globes at Snow Globe Central. When they open this gift of a custom Snow Globe together, they will know how much you care.

Anniversary Snow Globe

Snow Globe Central
August 30, 2012

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Customer Feedback

Jennifer Brown's Story

My son had given me a beautiful snow globe in 2007. In 2010, my daughter accidentally broke it. I was heart broken. I finally fournd Snow Globe Central and shipped it off to them with high hopes - and they delivered! They called me with an estimate which was incredibly low priced and a 2 week turn around time which was fantastic. They are WONDERFUL to work with and they did a fantastic job! I would definitely recommend them with your precious keepsakes!

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