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While we are happy to make custom snow globes all year round, and repair them whenever someone needs a globe fixed, December remains a peak time for folks to give and get snow globes.

If you plan to carry a snow globe with you on an airplane trip, please remember: while TSA has "relaxed" snow globe guidelines, they are still very strict about what can and can NOT go in your carry on luggage.
Posted by Snow Globe Central on December 11, 2015

Repair your globe? It was our pleasure

There's something pretty special about hearing back from a satisfied customer, and young Steele was no exception.

While some kids cuddle a teddy bear or like to hold a particular blanket, Steele had a favorite snow globe.

Posted by Snow Globe Central on April 2, 2015

How Much I Love You

When there's someone special in your life, you want to tell them how much they mean to you.

We're not knocking cards, and flowers, and huge boxes of chocolates -- these are all great ways to say "I think you're swell."
Posted by Snow Globe Central on February 2, 2015

Broken snow globe? Don't Despair, We Can Repair!

Every holiday season, as people gently unwrap their favorite ornaments and decorations, there are a few gasps and tears when a favorite snow globe is found broken.
Maybe the glass globe has cracked, or perhaps the liquid has clouded or evaporated. Regardless, a childhood treasure isn't ready for prime time on the mantle display.
Posted by Snow Globe Central on December 17, 2014

Custom Snow Globes + Holiday Giving = Big Smiles

Order deadline is next week.

It's not too late to order a one of a kind, custom snow globe for your favorite person this year.

Snow Globe Central and our band of merry elves are working long hours to fill orders to be sure there's a huge smile under more trees this year.
Posted by Snow Globe Central on December 11, 2014

Wrap Your Memories in Love and Sparkles

We all have them somewhere, those gorgeous vintage photos in a shoe box or cedar chest. The fading images that show the bright eyes and promise of childhood, the smiles of yesteryear. Don't they deserve better than to be tucked in the dark, unseen?

Posted by Snow Globe Central on November 25, 2014

It's the Thought That Counts

We aren't ones to say that sending a bouquet of flowers isn't appreciated, or that a gift card to a favorite store won't get you a hug and a smile, but creating a one-of-a-kind personal gift takes your gift-giving to a whole new level.
Posted by Snow Globe Central on October 6, 2014

Awards and Applause

We're always lucky when we happen to cross paths with someone special who deserves an award:
Posted by Snow Globe Central on July 18, 2014

How special is YOUR mother?

April showers bring reminders that Mother's Day is just around the corner. And what ARE you going to do, to show the mom in your life that she is super-duper awesome?
Posted by Snow Globe Central on April 7, 2014

Snow Globe Central joins Brand Colorado effort

We are happy to announce that Snow Globe Central is joining the Brand Colorado movement, and has been accepted as a member/partner.
Posted by Snow Globe Central on March 11, 2014

Customer Feedback

Brenda's Story

It's here! I love it! Thanks for the recommendation to arch the top of the photos. They look great. I can't wait to see when my friend opens this on her birthday.

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